Julie Tixier is a French photographer artist whose practice explores the way human nature is changing under the influence of emerging techno-sciences. She reflects on how these contemporary advances increasingly question the borders of humanity by altering and redefining our human species and its future evolution. Through her photographs, the artist reinvents the scientific language with non-scientific materials to tackle the experimental conditions of contemporary scientific research. She interlaces scientific methodology and unbridled imagination, blurring the boundaries between the organic and the synthetic, the human and the non-human. Somewhere between reality and fiction, the artist draws attention to complex issues in a satirical and playful language.

Julie Tixier currently works between London and Paris.

© 2017 Julie Tixier - All rights reserved.



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. Belfast Photo Festival, Shortlisted, 2017
. MEAD Fellowship UAL, Shortlisted, 2017


2015—2016: Master Degree of Photography from University of the Arts London, UK

2012—2014: Master Degree of Graphic Design, Creator-Designer, from ENSAAMA, Paris, FR

2010—2012: Bachelor Degree of Visual and Audiovisual Communication (Publishing, Graphic Design & Advertising) from J-P Vernant, Sèvres, FR

Extraordinary Conceptions
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Extraordinary Conceptions

This series reflects on the current genetic modifications on human embryos and imagines the ‘in making’ experimental identities and crossbreed new species of laboratories. The relations and boundaries between species are becoming increasingly blurred with the advances of biotechnologies. As the perspectives offered question the borders of humanity, ‘Extraordinary Conceptions’ tries to transgress the borders of the imaginary and the representation of human nature. A world which confronts us to a new language with unexpected structures, asking us which DNA might have been involved. From cloning to hybridization, from animan to humal, it reflects on the relation between the self and the other; involving fascination and disgust, the cute and the monstrous.